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Abundance and Thanks (and an abundance of thanks)

The words on my tongue these days are ABUNDANCE and THANKS.

It was awesome partner across the town for the Free Spirit Festival.

Abundance certainly describes our Chasing the Legend 5k Race and Fun Run, too, that we hosted alongside Parks & Rec, the Cemetery Committee and Union Cemetery.

We had an abundance of participants—over 140! An abundance of helpful hands from Christ Church, the Town Cemetery Committee, the Easton Arts Council for their pumpkin decorating, and Easton Pride for face painting! An abundance of baked goods from Christ Church and apples from Silverman’s Farm! And an abundance of fun shared among neighbors.

We are so grateful to our runners, walkers, volunteers, those families who greeted runners along the route, and Easton Parks & Rec, Arts Council, Pride, Cemetery Committee, and Union Cemetery for partnering.

Special thanks to Nanette DeWester for dreaming up the idea and Danielle Alves at Parks & Rec for making it all happen. And at home at Christ Church, special thanks to all our bakers, runners/walkers, volunteers and helpers, especially Amy for coordinating the bake sale Sydney and Julia for hosting the Fun Run and shuttle runs for kids!

There was abundance, too, in the overpouring of support and love that accompanied the Jackson Pike Skifflers & Friends Reunion Concert. The church was packed, and you could taste the joy radiating from our hearts and tapping feet! Thanks, Katie, Dan T, Dan C., Dave, Aidan, Vicki and all our musicians! Thanks, Peg for hosting the concession stand!

Abundance is a strange word with which to consider our regional community event, Forging Peace: an Interfaith Day of Worship and Action to End Gun Violence, held earlier last month, but yet it fits, too. We were so grateful to be able to come together across our faith traditions to tackle the important moral issues of our day and look forward to uniting again and again in pursuit of justice and peace.

Abundance, gratitude and giving all go hand in hand. From a spiritual perspective, we believe each of us are called to recognize the abundance in our midst, be thankful, and share what we have and can! Certainly, this month, Christ Church Easton is grateful for all of its community partners and neighbors. We offer you our abundant thanks!

We look forward to sharing again with neighbors at our annual Tree Lighting and Bonfire with Caroling and Cocoa (and a steel drum band this year too)! Saturday December 3rd at 5pm.

May grace and peace be yours in abundance! (1Peter 1:2)

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