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Our Story

SINCE 1762

At Christ Church we gather together to deepen our connection to God and people. We are open-minded and welcoming to all and are each on a journey of discovery. We believe that we are made for joy and peace and to do justice   and we practice showing up in love! 


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Our Vision

Our vision is to live according to the command to love one another. We understand this to mean the stranger, the refugee, all races and nations, the LGBTQ community, our neighbors, those in any need, and ourselves.  Our vision is to live into this command in what we do, what we say, and what we think.


Our Presiding Bishop and the guy called Jesus.

We know. Jesus. His name has been, well, misused. And yet. What did he do? He helped the poor. He changed bullies into good guys. He went to hang out with people who nobody else wanted to hang out with. He told everybody to love each other and care for each other. He went on a lot about how important it is to forgive. He criticized the government on all the ways they were hurting people. He told us we were made for joy, and taught people how to find it. And reminded us all that love always wins. Always. Sounds pretty good. 

The Jesus Movement

The Jesus Movement

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What is at the heart
of our parish?

For us, love is not a noun, it’s a verb. We love by worshipping and going deeper in our faith. We love by extending genuine and warm welcome to all. We love by practicing and celebrating inclusivity. We love by connecting with one another and neighbors, near and far. We love by seeking justice in the world. We love by serving the hungry in Bridgeport.  We love by tending our grounds and gardens. We love by joy-making through song and music.

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Rotating Pulpit


We have said farewell to our beloved Priest-in-Charge Rev. Ally Brundige as she takes on a new assignment from God.  We will be searching for a priest to lead us faithfully in justice and love for all of God's children. In the meantime, our lay leaders and visiting clergy will offer Morning Prayer and Holy Communion services. All are truly welcome.


Minister of Music

Tracy Carlucci joined Christ Church as Music Minister in 2007. She holds degrees from NYU and Western CT State University in History and Music. Although primarily a pianist, Tracy also studied Organ and Choral Conducting at WestConn and enjoys applying those skills to her work with the Christ Church choir. Tracy and her husband, Dan, also own Fairfield/Trumbull School of Music, which provides private music instruction to students of all ages.  


Parish Administrator

A resident of Monroe for the past 25 years, Susan hails originally from the Boston area. She was the administrative assistant to the Director of Special Education at Joel Barlow High School for over 20 years. A wife and mother, friend, sister and aunt to many siblings and nieces and nephews, Susan is an avid Red Sox fan who enjoys vacations at the Cape with her husband and family, reading, gardening, visiting art galleries, and attending local university theater productions. She hopes you will drop by to say hello.   



Vicki MarkAnthony (Senior Warden)
Jim Swann (Junior Warden)
Bob Ellwanger (Treasurer)

Peg Ellwanger (Clerk)

Russ Bailas
Marina Philips
Claire Wilkes 

Get to Know Us
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