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Community conversations, service, public witness and more.


Baking Dough

Don't you just want to grab that bread, break it open and share it? Well guess what, so do we! And Jesus, wise man that he was, actually commanded us to do it. He was right.

Homemade Bread

NOURISH Bridgeport

For our Souper Bowl Sunday, we collect dollars to be donated to NOURISH Bridgeport, a food-centered, volunteer-powered center that brings hope to Bridgeport through direct services. 

With NOURISH Bridgeport, our church's volunteers prepare and serve meals to neighbors and help hand out food and other items from the pantry. So many hungry people - must break God's heart. It sure does ours, so we do it. You can too.

For Christmas in July, we collect diapers to share with families in need.  We also collected diapers during the month of July (Christmas in July.) Before Covid, we drove a truck for Bridgeport Rescue Mission and invited the men and women of the New Life program to come and share a chili dinner, and square dance to a caller and live music.  YeeHa! We sure did have a good time, pardner. We hope to go back to that in the near future.


Baking Dough

Don't you just want to grab that bread, break it open and share it? Well guess what, so do we! And Jesus, wise man that he was, actually commanded us to do it. He was right.


Baby Shower for Jesus

Do you know that 1 out of 3 young families cannot afford diapers?


Throughout the pre-Christmas season, we host a Baby Shower for Jesus. Folks are encouraged to bring in diapers and wipes that will be brought to nOURish Bridgeport to be distributed to families in need.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me." 

Bridgeport Rescue Mission
Mercy Learning Center
NOURISH Bridgeport
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Gift Card Donations

Especially during the Holidays, we collect gift cards to local grocery stores like Shop Rite and Stop and Shop and also to Target. Generic Gift Cards (like Master Card and Visa) are also welcome. 

But we know that people are hungry during the other times of the year as well, so we like to keep our Priest-in-Charge with a supply to give out whenever a request is made. 

Holy Trinity Foundation

Holy Trinity Foundation, Haiti


For years we supported an elementary school in Ti Paradis, Haiti. Now that the school has had to close, we are still sending school supplies so that the children will be equipped even though they will have to go farther. We collect notebooks, pencils, pens, crayon, metric rulers, and markers during the month of July. 


Meet Rose

If you think one person can't REALLY make a difference. You need to meet Rose. Here she is loading school supplies to send to Haiti. 

Without her single-handed effort, there would be no school in this area. We are so grateful to be able to partner with her and support the education and health and wellbeing of the children in these communities, and their families too! 

Racial Healing, Justice & Reconciliation

Season of Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation...

By affirmative vote at Annual Convention, ECCT entered into a "Season of Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation" during which parishes are asked to begin a conversation about the sin of racism in our lives and in the world. Join us at Christ Church as we seek to walk these sacred paths of repentance, truth-telling, and anti-racist action. Learn more here. Join us for what's next here. 

The school's mission is to create a school community for young children and their families that fosters each child's unique personality and self esteem while promoting intellectual, physical and social development and kindergarten readiness.

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Christ Church Nursery School
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