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Easter: Not a Day But a Season

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

In his Easter Message, the Most Rt. Rev. Bishop Curry shared that when he goes to heaven, he would like to talk first with Mary Magdalene, who went to the tomb without knowing how she’d remove the rock, who faced the deep mystery of the Resurrection without fully understanding, who despite her fears looked for the body of Jesus, and whom Jesus, our Risen Lord, called tenderly by name when he met her in the garden. I love Mary Magadelene and share this deep desire with our Bishop. Her abiding friendship with Jesus and faithfulness is something we all might seek to emulate, but more than that, dang, I admire her courage.

Bishop Curry reminded us, quoting from the late Bishop Barbara Harris, that it was the women and Mary who were first able to proclaim Hallelujah Anyhow! that we are asked to proclaim in our sometimes Good Friday world. It takes a certain kind of courage, a Mary Magadalene kind of courage, to face the crosses and sites of crucifixion and empty tombs of our world and lives-and to go forth as witnesses to the resurrection, even when stunned silent. A certain type of Mary Magdalene courage to proclaim to the doubters out there and within that God is real and Christ is Risen! A certain type of Mary Magdalene courage to go forward and trust that our Risen Lord is already there.

Easter is not a day but a season, and thank God for that because I don’t know about you but I certainly need more than a week to wrestle with the profound mystery and many gifts of the Resurrection. We will meet the Risen One this season while searching (like Mary in the garden), while asking tough questions (like Thomas), while scared in locked rooms (like most of the disciples), and while walking uncertainly forward (like on the road to Emmaus). Hopefully, the array of worship and events below will aid you in your journeying.

And no matter where we find ourselves on the journey, let us trust that Christ will already be there and proclaim in word and deed, with the company of heaven, “Hallelujah Anyhow!”

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