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This Easter Season, be invited...

Where do you find yourselves this Easter Season?

Behind locked doors, afraid and confused? Out seeking with Mary Magdalene in the garden? Being called intimately by your name? With Johanna and the other women, bringing your spices and fragrances to sweeten the sorrowful? With Thomas, refusing fear its power, out in the world? Questioning and calling to God, ‘show me!’? With Peter, naked and exposed, hauling your bum overboard? Beckoned by Jesus to “come”? With Peter on the shore when Jesus asks three times, “Do you love me?” Sitting around the campfire, nourished and fed by Jesus? With the beloved Disciple running to see? With the group of fiends able together to haul God’s abundant love into their boat and then share it? With the few walking on the road trying to make sense of all that has happened?

To one and all regardless of whether you find yourself–still at the empty tomb, at the cross, or coming face to face with our Risen Lord–Jesus’ invitation is clear:

GO AND TELL (John 20: 17); PEACE BE WITH YOU (John 20:21); BELIEVE (John 20: 29), BE BLESSED (John 20:29); FEED MY LAMBS, TAKE CARE OF MY SHEEP, FEED MY SHEEP (John 21: 15-16); FOLLOW ME (John 21: 19).

This Easter season, may the power of the Resurrection working in our hearts do more than we can even ask or imagine as we dream and act to bring its power into the world, through Christ Jesus, our Risen Lord. God’s Peace and Love, Rev. Ally

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